Room 955 is where it happens for Pantheacon 2019! We have fantastic programming lined up for you, as well as yummy refreshments. We will be there spotlighting the best of Pagan and Pagan-friendly businesses, groups, vendors, and events in the Sacramento, California area.

To see a printable, compacted schedule, click HERE for a jpeg and HERE for a PDF.

Our 2019 current line up:


4:00 pm – Tammy Smith

Establishing Sovereignty

Witch, Pagan leader, and President of North Western Circles Association, Tammy Smith shares the importance of and way to establish our own self-worth and sovereignty in this empowering and life-affirming class. She explores not only the rights we have to create a life where we are honored and respected, but also the appropriate ways to interact with others to achieve that objective. To be respected, we must respect. To be honored, we must honor. Tammy presents strategies for how to create boundaries without isolating ourselves from those we care about and how to avoid confusing kindness with weakness.

6:00 pm – Susan Langley

Witchy Reiki – Time Bridge: Hecate’s Labyrinth

Owner of LightWeavers Academy & Metaphysical Boutique in Citrus Heights, California, and creator of Witchy Reiki, Susan Langley takes you on a meditative journey through the labyrinth of the Goddess of the Crossroads, Hecate.

8:00 pm – Phoenix LeFae & Misha Magdalene


Spirits of Place

How do we as modern Witches and Pagans work with the Spirits of the Land, the Spirits of Place, the Spirits of where we live? How do we honor these Spirits while holding respect for the ancestors of this Land, that are very likely not of our blood? In this workshop and ritual, we will explore the importance of developing a relationship with the Spirits of the Land and address the complications that arise due to genocide and colonization. Through the use of ritual, we will move this through our bodies, voices, and spirits.


10:00 am – Tomas Prower

Pagan Death Planning

Get up early to share a fascinating discussion with author and mortician, Tomas Prower (La Santisima Muerte and Queer Magic) as he gives vital information on how Pagans can successfully navigate the funeral industry which caters primarily to mainstream religions. Tomas will discuss the particulars of planning a Pagan death transitional ceremony not only with sensitivity but with first-hand experience.

12:00 pm – Susan Langley

Witchy Reiki – Time Bridge: Healing Your Ancestral Line

Owner of LightWeavers Academy & Metaphysical Boutique in Citrus Heights, California, and creator of Witchy Reiki, Susan Langley takes you on a meditative journey through your ancestral past to heal the damage done from within and without.

2:00 pm – Gwion Raven

The Magic Of Food– Rituals, Offerings, & Eating Together

Add a pinch of lecture, a dash of workshop and two large scoops of ritual and you’ll get a sense of what this offering is all about. Explore ancient pagan food rituals from around the world, designed to appease the gods and bring all manner of good fortune to your household. Tuck into scrumptious morsels of knowledge and wisdom from modern-day kitchen witchery practices, including preparing ritual meals and creating the perfect sensual feast. We’ll make ritual together. You’ll leave with new magical tools. And yes, we’ll even eat something! Do you love Gwion?  Of course, you do. We all love Gwion. This presentation was standing room only at Pantheacon 2018. You will love it all over again.

4:00 pm – Jason Mankey

Ask your average Witch about the great rite and they’ll probably respond with something about cups and athames or sex magick. But the great rite is about more than sexual coupling or half-hearted mini-rites before cakes and ale-the great rite is about the union of powerful forces, and most importantly, it’s for EVERYBODY. From the great rite in truth and in token, this is a workshop about sex in the ancient world, wine, magick, and more! It’s all about what’s so great about one of Wicca’s most misunderstood and divisive rites.

6:00 pm – Gwenyfur Draigtanllwyth

Claiming Sovereignty

Why is it so difficult for many of us to speak our needs out loud and stand proudly in our own truth? Why do we feel less than entitled to the space we take up in the world? Author and Witch, Gwenyfur Draigtanllwyth (The Green Mother’s Book of Shadows and Being the Green Mother) discusses the necessity of claiming our sovereign right to have our voices heard and to be accepted as we are.

8:00 pm – Titch Silvershadow

Herbalism 101

Do you know your mugwort from your damiana? Popular teacher and Wiccan Priest, Titch Silvershadow gives you the Herbalism basics in this wonderful class on how to identify, use, and appreciate the common and uncommon magical herbs around you.


12:00 pm – Wulf

The Magic of Chocolate (With Samples)

Patron Saint of the CUSP (Climbing Up the Spiral Pathway) magical tradition and master chocolatier, Wulf takes his guest on a journey of sensory delights as he discusses the magic of our favorite delicacy: Chocolate. He brings handmade samples of his own chocolates for guests to enjoy and weaves a tantalizing magical exploration of the power of this decadent experience.

2:00 pm – Thorn Moony & Julia Penelope


How to Start and Run (Not Ruin) a Pagan Group

Have you ever wanted to start your own coven? Or maybe you’ve been looking for an open circle, grove, or study group and just haven’t found one? Join two successful group leaders with different backgrounds as we share tips, tricks, horror stories, and wild successes. Whether you want to take over a coven or just start a book club that survives its first meeting, let us help you get it off the ground! Appropriate for teens and adults.

4:00 pm – Patheos Pagan Staff

Patheos Pagan Blogger Meet & Greet

Have you ever wanted to rub elbows with and pick the brains of your favorite Patheos Pagan bloggers? This is your chance! They will be on hand to mix and mingle with guests (especially if some of Wulf’s wonderful chocolate is left!) and share sacred time with those who visit during this time. Meet Patheos Pagan channel manager, Jason Mankey, as well as several of the wonderful writers he features on Patheos Pagan.

6:00 pm – Shannon McLeran

Healing the Connection Between the Living and the Dead

Reiki Master, Medium, and aura, heart and departed soul healer, Shannon McLeran, explores the ties that remain between the living and those who have passed on, both beloved and otherwise, and assists with the healing of those connections. Find out how the dead interact with and influence us in ways we cannot imagine and follow Shannon on a meaningful and heartfelt healing journey to create healthy connections with those who have passed on.

8:00 – 9:00 pm – Room Closed for Event Set Up

9:00 pm – Eric & Katrina Rasbold

A Veneration of La Santisima Muerte

Join us for a sacred veneration of La Santisima Muerte, the Saint of Death. We venerate her as the one who will end our life when our time comes but will protect us and help us to find joy in living while we yet live. We will share prayers to La Flaquita, as well as submit petitions and give offerings to Her. We hope you will share this moving and sacred event with us.


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